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Did you know that Pegram's leadership passed an ordinance last August allowing for-profit commercial type development in ALL Pegram's residential neighborhoods?

Projects proposed under new Ordinance 2023-158 can happen in ANY Pegram residential neighborhood and will:- Decrease residential home values in the area
- Create traffic and safety issues
- Adversely affect Pegram’s diverse and rich wildlife
Ordinance 2023-158 was passed by Pegram's leadership to give one of Pegram's aldermen the ability to construct a "for profit" development project in Pegram's zoned residential areas. Since the ordinance passed, he has made several applications to move forward with the project. So far each attempt has been thwarted by citizens, but this fight is just beginning.

As Nashville continues to grow, there will be more and more pressure to develop Pegram’s landscape. We have to decide if we want haphazard commercial development or strategic and thoughtful growth for our community.

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The Pegram Preservation Association is established to preserve the culture and environment of Pegram in both Davidson and Cheatham Counties. We support strategic and thoughtful growth that enhances our community and creates underlying economic value.

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